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Language Reading / Writing And Vedic Maths

HINDI language reading / writing. We offer Beginner level and Intermediate level program. Vedic Math - Vedic Mathematics (VM) is the name given to the ancient Vedic system of mathematics which was rediscovered from the Vedas. The primary goal is to give access to the students to learn & incorporate this simple way of solving problems related to basic arithmetic, geometry, etc. Through this system, entire mathematics can be solved using 16 sutras (formulas) and 13 sub-sutras. Vedic Mathematics is “Knowledge of Mathematics” The goal of bringing VM into the AUM school curriculum is to create an awareness/knowledge of numbers from a young age to improve numeracy skills in children anc to make math interesting, to remove the fear of math, to perform calculations quickly and easily, and to enhance mental math skills.
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    Anshu Agrawal
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